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Documenting the experience.

Documenting the photography experience

Sailing red


The aim 

I've often been a fan of the work by Sails Chong. If I could be any photographer I would be him. His style is cinematic, beautiful and colourful! Click here the below to see what’s involved in creating his legendary masterpieces - and the final results!

I wanted to do something similar in urban London on virtually no budget! What I loved most about his subjects are their long flowing dresses! So that’s what I decided to focus upon. That’s also the beauty of working within a set of limits - your creativity can get to work focusing on a solution rather than living in a dream land of it's and but's.


The how

I saw a casting all going up for photographers that were interested in doing something similar so I decided to join the bandwagon. I guess the universe was calling! We shot three different sets but my main focus was on the long red parachute dress followed by shorter black and white set, with a smaller flowing white dress.

The two different photoshoots can be founds bly clicking on the posters above and at the bottom of this blog.

I often talk talk about my experiences but I think it's time to bring a different element into these blogs - that of the model - who was pretty awesome! She's an actress and dancer to boot! Her name is Boou.

I picked her brain on modelling questions, as I thought it would be interesting to all my friends that are keen to get into this industry. 


Thoughts of a model...


1. How did you get into modeling?

I did my first proper photoshoot about five months ago. The aim was to get professional pictures  and be able to use them for different casting agencies. Nothing to do with modelling. 

I had to show different emotions, use different outfits, and demonstrate a wide range of looks.

I had loads of fun and that really enjoyed the session. It was a bit like if I was acting. I felt quite comfortable in front of the camera even though I've never done it before. The photographer was quite surprised when I told him I had never modelled before. 

That gave me the idea to branch-out into the world of modelling and I can feel that my acting abilities really served me well on the photo shoots that I have done so far.


2. What do you love about it?

You never get bored and every shoot is different! You meet new people all the time, doing different shoots and going to different locations! You also have the opportunity to shoot abroad and travel all over the world - that's a big positive as I love to travel!

It is also the opportunity for you to show some skills that not everyone has - for example acting! That's my USP! I feel quite natural and comfortable in front of the camera. I am quite theatrical and expressive. I am also able to do ballet dance and poses. Photographers love it. Showing your skills can allow you to get more jobs. 

And showing off your skills is an amazing way to express yourself! That's what I love the most about modeling... the sense of freedom and creativity!

The modelling world is changing... it's much more open-minded. You don't need to be super thin - you have such beautiful plus size modela now. You don't even need to be very tall - it's perfect for a petite person like me.

The world has changed, and modelling is open to everyone!


3. What are your top tips?

Be Yourself!

Do what you love!

And love what you do!

And there you have it folks - hope you enjoyed the read! If you would like to ask Boou any questions or book her she can be reached here.

And also a big thanks to Ben, a retoucher for helping me make this vision a reality! He can be booked via instagram too!

White flowing dress - London Kestrel

White flowing dress