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Documenting the experience.

Documenting the photography experience

Shooting the red dragon

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Hip-Hop gangster photography is in the house yo! 

I decided to attend #nikonmeetups! It’s an event where Nikon users, get to meet other photographers, people who work at Nikon and run through different setups and gear.

What was different about this studio shoot is that we were using Nikon camera flashes. I generally prefer studio strobes in the studio, due to better battery life or no battery life needed if they are wired in, faster recycle times, more power, and better value for money.

However the benefits of speed lights are increased portability, less weight and you can get great results if you maximise their potential. You can also shoot HSS which is a big advantage giving you blurred background images that you don’t normally see in studio photography! 

But - enough of the techy stuff. There was this awesome studio setup that just made me go “WOW!” Whoever, thought of this setup deserves a six-pack of beer from me! This was like hip-hop Missy Elliott music video shizzle!  

The model in this shoot was awesome too! She was super engaging and proactive from the start which makes a big difference when shooting! Enjoy the below, and a big thanks to #NikonMeetUps and this model! It made my weekend!

Enjoy the two galleries I've produced below (click on the images below / double-tap on mobile, and the next one will magically appear):


The Red Dragon in a Chair


The Red Dragon facing a Mirror