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Documenting the experience.

Documenting the photography experience

Panavision pandemonium

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Vintage sofa shoot?

I had the opportunity to shoot models at Panovision – the fine purveyors of some of world’s best cinematography cameras for the world's greatest movies.

I saw the casting call for this and couldn’t resist – even though it involved a trek to Panovision HQ in Greenford! In London terms it was so far away from my house, I felt like I needed a visa to travel there - a whole 53 minutes.

We had four setups for shooting – but I focused my energy on two of them which can be seen though the images above and below.

I love working on these creative projects, because it’s out of the norm – and you have a short time to make a judgement call - looking at the fall of the light, working out how to setup the model and the big film cameras so the compositions work well to enhance your creation, and lead your eye to a single focus point.

As usual some images worked well and other didn’t, some strobes failed, some worked, a model didn’t come, a replacement did! One of those days where things somehow worked themselves out!

Also wanted to give a big thanks to the people that setup this gig – they were always professional, approachable, and delivered really well despite when a few things went wrong. And as I always say in life, it’s how deal with stuff that goes wrong which is far more important than when things sail along smoothly!

Also a big thanks to Ben for his magical wizardry!

Please click on the big images at the start and bottom to access the galleries!

Peace out!

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Vintage camera shoot?