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Documenting the experience.

Documenting the photography experience

Assassins of colour

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Color is my subject. I'm not a nature or portrait or landscape or sports or architectural photographer. I'm a photographer of color. I don't care about the apparent subject so long as it's in glorious light or is vividly colorful. - Ken Rockwell

I’m a huge fan of colour and saturation. When I first started reading about photography - what stuck with me was the above quote. It’s what grabs you from the offset. You could say every good photo has a good, compositional, symmetrical or emotional hook, but for me it’s colour. The crazier the better!

Back in the days of film I used to often wonder why on my mum’s point and shoot camera, colour never matched the vibrancy often seen at that time on National Geographic magazines. Then I saved up after university and bought my first SLR - the colours still sucked. However, with camera tech on offer today you can crank colours up to levels we could only dream off! There is no bad camera anymore. It's a beautiful time to be alive if you're into photography! 

I’m always looking for a creative twist when shooting, keen to learn and try new photo processes when I have the time and cold hard cash to do so.

The latest on my list of photography experience was Jake Hick's workshop - his colours and style blow me away! His look looks like fusing the northern lights, spray paint and an artist’s canvas all in one shoot. It’s hugely distinctive!

Most coloured gels shoots have a touch of colour here or there but his photos are more like a nuclear bomb fusing epic amounts of colour, style and character.

We also got a pretty comprehensive booklet to use for future experimentation and are part of an FB group where he interacts quite a bit with the group. I work 9-5 in digital and social media and this is a great example of best practise.

We played around with three main setups and the results are below. It was a really cool shoot and I really need to start working on this style and bring in my own twist and creativity! See the results from the day below.

And also a big shout out to my retoucher Ben, who did an amazing job on these images!